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unlocking ‘shared voice’ for your organisation

When I wrote a blog for Socom back in December 2014 ‘Find your purpose, outcomes will follow’, I was searching for meaning in work and how it related to all the change occurring around me.

I had been in the U.S. and was challenged by theories espoused by consultancy Undercurrent as well as obstacles I was facing when delivering on client needs.

Creating a new company was a chance to find my own voice regarding the work I do, and introduce it to my clients, connections and friends. The idea of the name tandemVox (tandem/ shared and vox/voice) was to demonstrate quite literally our strategic method and outcome.

tandemVox wants to help organisations:

  • Find their purpose;
  • Understand their key relationships;
  • Engage with like minded stakeholders and communities;
  • Effectively and efficiently communicate for shared outcomes

Our ability as human beings in organisations and communities to influence change, forge partnerships, solve problems and collaborate is at the heart of tandemVox.

We have strategies and methods that help unlock the potential of your organisational relationships and work towards mutual benefit and shared voice. When organisations work with stakeholders, outcomes that are more sustainable and meaningful can be achieved.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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