As many of you know, I’ve been deeply dedicated to spreading the message of the opportunities the digital world can bring to peoples’ lives.

“Digital disruption” has wreaked havoc on multiple industries over the past decade:

Real estate — online listings like have transformed the way we buy and sell property

Accommodation — Wotif transformed the way people purchased hotel accommodation and now AirBnBis challenging the hotel industry.

Retail — the explosion of global brands, online auctions and aggregate buying websites have dramatically impacted how people buy and sell. Music and books have been transformed into digital purchases entirely through iTunes and e-books

Transport — Uber is causing regulatory headaches and is challenging the taxi industry. Social media and transport apps are giving voice to public transport users to challenge and monitor efficiencies.

Media — social media and the role that online self-publishing plays in the traditional role of ‘reporting’ the news is impacting the core function of traditional media.

Education — people can study anytime, anywhere. With the world changing rapidly, many people are opting to gain learning outcomes in bite/byte-sized chunks via agile, always-updated online modules instead of taking years from their career to study at a physical university.

Health — e-health is supporting greater service delivery to people in rural and remote areas as well as transforming the way medical specialists share experiences online in real time.

Technology — large servers taking up valuable real estate in commercial buildings are being phased out with data and software all being accessed via the cloud. With your email and data all available anywhere, anytime — why sit at a desk? Work from home, in transit or at your favourite coffee shop.

I hope you get the picture. This is about opportunity and imagination — not about disruption.

I live and focus my professional efforts in the Geelong and broader Western region of Victoria. It is well documented that Geelong is going through intense economic changes. This transformation is vital for the future of our great city. And I see digital as playing a major role.

tandemVox is working on a project that supports this transformation.

Pivot Summit is a major event coming to Geelong this October. Inspired by local digital marketing professional Leighton Wells and supported by Telstra, Australian and international speakers will discuss the digital future of business.

With plans to build on this year’s event and create a multi-site, multi-day interactive film, music and digital festival, Pivot Summit has big ambitions not just for itself but for Geelong and Australia’s 21st century future.

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