Understanding the client or project’s strategic intent is a core focus. Communication strategy informed by client goals provides the steer for our work.

Over 20 years, Jennifer Cromarty has devised communication and engagement strategies for:

– Local, state and federal governments

– Government owned entities

– Large commercial entities (public and private)

– Peak industry bodies

– Community groups

At certain stages of a complex issue or project, discreet communication, engagement or advocacy advice is required.

tandemVox works closely with clients to provide advice as issues arise or an obstacle presents.

This advice is usually given as part of a broader campaign or project during the implementation phase or as part of an ongoing client relationship.

We have a strong history of developing and implementing projects with a research, communication, engagement or policy outcome. This includes:

– Creating the project

– Aligning to government or organisational policy

– Developing project plans

– Seeking funding via grants or direct requests

– Sourcing and collaborating with project partners

– Writing project reports and papers

– Acquittal of funding

– Supervision of implementation